Emirates Stadium – Arsenal Football Club

Holloway, London, U.K.

Emirates Stadium Reveals New LED Lighting Solution

Emirates Stadium, home to the Arsenal Football Club, needed a lighting solution that would take the experience for fans to the next level and optimise energy efficiency. With a nearly 40-year history of providing lighting solutions for premier sporting venues and events, Musco brought the innovative system and application experience needed to accomplish this goal.

Musco's SportsCluster Green™ with an LED light source provides several benefits for players, spectators, and television HD broadcasts:

  • Improves the quality of light with custom optics that more effectively direct light onto the field and not into the players or spectators' eyes
  • Increases light levels by 32 percent over the prior lighting to meet Premier League standards
  • Reduces energy consumption by 30 percent compared to the prior 2000-watt metal halide lights
  • Eliminates maintenance with Musco's comprehensive 10-year warranty backed by a global team
    of technicians

Additionally, the characteristics of the LED light source provide instant on/off capabilities for special effects, and eliminate the "flicker" effect for excellent slow motion replay.


“It is important for both players and fans alike that we have top-quality lighting for the club's evening fixtures and Musco's new floodlights provide just that. This will be extremely beneficial for both matchdays and other events that we host at Emirates Stadium.”

— John Beattie
Stadium and Facilities Director, Arsenal Football Club

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