Mini Musco™

Delivering the ultimate in artistic possibilities while cutting the cost of equipment and manpower, the Mini Musco™ delivers the Academy Award winning floodlighting package of the Musco Light™ in a smaller, more maneuverable package. Tight locations and quick moves have never
been easier.

The fully-articulated crane has an 40 metre boom capable of complete rotation, providing maximum flexibility when positioning the light rack. The entire bank of high-output lamps can achieve multi-directional floodlighting with a 360-degree rotation and 210-degree tilt capability.

The standard electronic ballast assures flicker-free operation at any camera speed and shutter angle. Featuring a sound-attenuated generator mounted on board the compact truck chassis, the Mini Musco offers maximum versatility in all venues of the entertainment, special events, and sports industries.

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Mini Musco Image